About Us

Many Muslims in the USA used to eat regular Marshmallows in the 1980s. Back then, most Muslims did not know that marshmallows contain an animal product. In the 1990's, companies starting disclosing more and more the details of their ingredients and Muslims all around became more informed about the Haram (forbidden) ingredients in US grocery stores. So after decades of marshmallow-free barbecues, Halal Select Snacks was founded and introduced "The American Halal Marshmallows" and "The Halal Crispy Treats." One major challenge he faced was guaranteeing Muslim consumers that our marshmallow products were truly Halal. This was solved with the use of fish gelatin, which removes all doubt compared to using beef gelatin.

Another challenge for Halal Select Snacks was getting the ethnic grocery store owners to carry marshmallow products on their shelves. Since many store owners are from overseas, they did not know what a marshmallow was in the first place, and many of them thought that we invented marshmallows. They did not know that we just make the Halal version of a candy that everyone already eats, so it took some time for us to convince them to give our product a try on their shelves. Then when they carried out product, they called back in amazement that many customers came in and said in excitement:

"Oh my God, Halal Marshmallows! I haven't eaten these in such a long time!" And the rest is history. All praises to Allah, our company has overcome many more hurdles, and its now growing faster than ever with plans on bringing more and more Halal candies for your eating pleasure. Today Halal Select Snacks is 100% Muslim owned company making candy for Muslims, by Muslims. So say Bismillah and enjoy!